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The Team

Ryan & Uliana King

Ryan and Uliana met while Ryan was visiting Uliana’s native Ukraine as part of his work with “Grace Baptists in Europe”. Ryan is involved in church planting, evangelism, and local church ministry, and is pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Wood Green, North London. Between them they enjoy spending time with family and church, reading books, playing the piano, watching films, and exploring the city. Ryan supports a proper football team (one word, American! Wooooooooo. Pig. Sooie! Razorbacks!)

Paul Barton

Paul is involved in the work of church revitalisation as an evangelist in a small village called Hyde Heath, Bucks. He is also employed as an evangelist at Newtown Baptist Church, Chesham. He is a born and bred scouser and lived his entire life in Liverpool until he moved down to Hyde Heath along with his wife Nicki and family in March 2017 to start his ministry post. He has been involved in youth work for over 16 years. Paul is a huge fan of Liverpool Football Club and also enjoys food, films and falconry.

Adam & Julia Laughton

Adam and Julia met whilst students at Southampton. Julia grew up in a Christian home, and came to faith whilst quite young. Adam came from a non-Christian home and was converted whilst at Uni. They have 4 children (aged 12 to 20 years). After short careers in teaching, they spent 11 years ministering at Grace Baptist Church, Southport, before moving to Gravesend in 2011 to join the Gateway Church Planting Project. This is a house based initiative, where they aim to spend as much time as possible with non-Christians! Between them they enjoy various things, including arts & crafts, boardgames, reading, walking and baking. They support a proper football team (hint: the blues from Merseyside.)

Pete Fuggle

Pete has been the Pastor of Gadebridge Baptist Church since 2013.  Before this he was a Youth Worker and then Youth Pastor in Bermondsey since 2000.  Pete is married to Teresa and has two boys Elisha and Malachi.  Pete loves music and films, and has a passion for superheroes especially Batman!

Fiona Spear

Fiona currently works as a Diabetes Specialist Nurse in East London and is married to Paul who works for Grace Baptist Association. She grew up in a Christian home and became a Christian at the age of twelve. She met Paul whilst working for the London City Mission for a year.  They both attended bible college and Paul became a minister while Fiona had kids and went back into nursing. They now have three adult children. She have been involved in a whole variety of church ministries and right now is a Sunday School coordinator and is part of the hospitality team. She cooks too many puddings to foist off on people on Sundays, reads a fair bit, likes exploring London and does not support a football team.